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Monday, July 30, 2007

Mac Vs PC... I'm impressed!

So, me and my man bought new Macbooks and it just so happened we did this on the same day T's parents bought a new PC. Since I was the go to guy for the fetching of the laptops, I went into the city, picked 'em up and was home by about 3.. roughly the same time T's parents arrived from their jaunt into the cyber shopping experience.
I unboxed my computer, plugged it in, updated what needed to be updated and away I went. The parentals, in the mean time, also began unboxing their computer, which arrived in two huge boxes. At 7.30 T arrived home, had a little dinner and unboxed his Macbook, updated and began loading onto his spanky new iPod, while I continued messing around with iPhoto... come 10pm, the parentals were STILL trying to make their new computer work, a whole 7 hours after I had begun happily fooling around with my Mac!
PC Vs Mac, no competition!


urbaer said...

Apple's dream was to make a computer as easy to use as a toaster. They have succeeded... but I ask you... what happens when you want to make a jaffle? Hmmm... I do need a toaster though...

hatfullofsky said...

we all know you're just jealous urbaer! :P

SubMonkey said...

Fight! fight! fight!

Anonymous said...

You're all losers.

Anonymous said...

submonkey just told me off.
You're not all losers.

But you are dorks.