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Monday, July 16, 2007

Love is not a punch in the face

I live apart from my family now, and have done for some years. And I miss them. Growing up with two brothers, a father who was just as much of a boy as his boys, and a mother who maintained minimal control at best, meant that affection was often shown through violence. Not an 'I walked into a door' kind of violence, the funny kind... you know what I, I knew my father approved of my boyfriend when he punched him jovially in the arm, or the pin your brother down and type-writer his chest kind of violence.
Maybe my family really is just dysfunctional, but some time ago I came to the realisation that not all peoples express the love in this way.
For example, I once forgot myself and used a friends face as a backing board for shopping-trolley basketball. It's hard to explain to a friend recovering from a Dorito Bag pummelling, that you only did it because you love them like family.
I have learned that Love is not a punch in the face... unless you are my brothers. So boys, watch your backs, I got a lot-a love to give!

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