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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Build - Day Two

Okay, so an hour a day... tonights attempt wasn't so successful, but it is because of my tiredness and lack of co-ordination. I couldn't hold a screwdriver straight to save myself.

I just ended up getting frustrated.

So instead of doing throwing my hands up in a passionate display of anger and sorrow I decided, since tomorrow is my night-to-myself-night I will plan and plot ahead so as to be extra organised and extra effective.

I have oogled my instructions, I have laid out all my tools and parts and I'm ready to go.

In addition to that I looked up a school here that teaches people to fly helicopters and I'm hoping and wishing that I will get the opportunity to do that soon. *fingers crossed* Never know what a girl might get for her birthday *hint hint*

Get ready, tomorrow is gonna be the awesome!

Right now though, sleeps.

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