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Monday, September 17, 2007

The scary thing what subMonkey thought she saw!

Now, nudity does not scare me.. that is unless it is unexpected. Or gross.
subMonkey was awoken by her grumpy bear of a husband looking for his work pants very early one morning and in an attempt to help him out she got up to have a look around as well.
In the subMonkey house there is a very long central corridor. This corridor is dimly lit and almost all rooms run off it. As subMonkey, blear eyed and fuzzy headed from sleep was a-heading down this corridor she came across what appeared to be her room-mate wearing a t-shirt and no pants heading for the front door... subMonkey was frightened as her housemate began to turn to face her...
As it turns out, the banging of the bear man husband had also woken the housemate who, believing the banging to be coming from the front door with the potential of being a package delivery, had bounded from bed. In his own sleep addled state he had not been able to find his sweat-pants and instead of missing a delivery decided that he would wander in his skin colored jocks and use the front door as a modesty sheild to receive the delivery. Because of the dim light of the corridor and subMonkey's own fuzzy sleep brain she did not see the skin colored knickers and squealed a little a the scary thing what she thought she saw!
After that subMonkey had to go lie down for a while more and recover...

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