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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mr Sparkle for the WIIII.... what the? Fourth!

Sooo. Team Mr Sparkle took on some even tougher competition this week, and despite having one extra team mate we managed to come fourth. There was some discussion that maybe we had started too well, set our standard too high, that now the only place to go was down, or that the extra team player (Mr. C) had somehow managed to dumb us down, however I still had a great time and was more than pleased that we placed so well... I have also discovered one other thing about tuesday night parma and trivia, one whole parma is too much, one half parma is too little, next week I think I'll order a little something extra... or maybe drink more dinner..yeah, that sounds like a plan.

This week I've also had my hair chopped off, spoiled myself with a facial and started a fight with my landlord... so not a bad effort, given it's still only wednesday...

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