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Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a way to make a living!

Oh SWEET LORD! I smell like old people!
I have now rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed (at least for the moment) and have been hustling in a nursing home. What I have discovered is that I need to shower as soon as I get home because I smell like... well, Old.

Armageddon was a jam packed event. I got to geek out amoung fellow dorks, and, for a change, was not the saddest dork there.. see some pics



And I apologise for the poor quality.. I was in the nose-bleeds...

So it was a pretty good couple of days. I got some sketches from Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti which I just adore, listened to Joe Flannigan and Alan Tudyk chat away and flew from panel to panel. A busy but very excellent weekend!

Add that to the new job, and I'd say being 30 is working out for me so far!

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