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Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's been a long time

It has been a long long long time since I last wrote anything, let along a blog post.

I've been sick. Very sick. 

Having a mental illness steals so much from you, but I am healing now. In my time away I have actually managed to achieve some things I may not have done had I been well.I have kept my mind busy by trying to learn new things, how to make life casts, I cast my face and then attempted to make a latex mask from it. It mostly didn't work, but the point is, I tried. 

I've started painting miniatures, building remote control helicopters, taken up hand quilting, learned how to make dolls, bake bread, how to apply make up and some special effects. I learned that I make a magnificent zombie, that I enjoy bike riding (even though I haven't done much of it lately) and that I am handy with power tools. I've grown vegetables, travelled to Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, posed for photos with strangers and learned to cook my favourite dish from overseas. I went to Disney Land and Lego Land in Asia and spent days wearing my Mikey Mouse ears. I even convinced Mr T to come on the scary rides with me.

So even though I have been missing I have found many new parts of myself.

I never gave up.

I am getting better.

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