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Friday, June 29, 2007

Genius G and the Cash Register... as requested

G was studying film at Uni, and as such, often needed props for his projects. One such project required a cash register so G offerred to go into the city to fetch one for his group... fair enough, making sense so far, right?
On the way home, with cash register in tow, G decided to score... Now, our G didn't drive, so he needed to haul cash register and his considerable baggie of weed on the train to get home. Now, our dear G could be described as scruffy looking on a good day (and this day hadn't been a good one) as often he would wear the same clothes for days, and the concept of a hair brush... well, it was almost as foreign a concept to Genius G as a daily shower. But our G cleverly recognised that, especially with cash register in tow, he looked a little suspect to say the least, and so, just in case the police stopped him, he devised a cunning plan! G decided to hide his stash inside the register draw and lock it, as he believed it would be the last place the police would think to look. In his defence, he was clever enough to come up with a back-up plan, should they request to search the register though, and was primed to claim, if questioned, that he couldn't open the register as he had no key, which he had cunningly concealed in his shorts pocket.
Devious, no?
Upon getting home, fortunately without being noticed by the Plod, we inquired as to whether or not he was aware how questionable he looked carrying around a cash register. He stood proudly before us and, with chest puffed explained his cunning plan for fooling the authorities.
It was at this stage that T noticed a BIG HUGE MASSIVE red button on the register that said 'Cash Draw Open' and pressed it, exposing the registers illicit contents, no key required.

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